Astronaut – Apostles

Astronaut – Apostles

12,  80”X 42”  Acrylic/Oil on Paper (2006-07)

These 12 works on paper, mounted on canvas, are an important series of paintings that document my process of using transfer techniques from one surface onto another. I used acrylic, oil and inkjet print to produce the complex surface. The reflective (Mirror) Helmet – Visor served as an effective means to introduce iconic or historic subject matter that question notions of reality, truth and objectivity. The 12 paintings are a reference to the fact that Jesus had 12 disciples/apostles and 12 astronauts walked on the Moon.

Various Astronaut Oil Paintings (2006 – ongoing)

I originally began the Astronaut oil paintings as images for transfers to the Apostles series. The Astronaut became a poignant and impactful subject deserving of further elaborations. My tongue in cheek “Walking The Dog on the Moon” (unexplained anomalies) motif is intended to add some controversy to the accepted NASA Moon Landing narrative.